Blackbook X Neocleous Tower

The official launch

Over the past year, Blackbook Agency has been working closely with the Neocleous Tower team, providing expert Marketing and PR consultancy aiming to introduce this groundbreaking project to the market. And the striking business hub recently launched, revealing its outstanding architectural design and innovative future-forward approach, while firmly cementing its positioning as an outstanding commercial landmark both for Limassol and Cyprus as a whole. 

The project is owned and managed by Neocleous Holdings Ltd and harnesses the industry-leading expertise of a distinguished team of architects, designers, engineers and constructors. The building’s distinctive design was conceived by George Stamatiou Architects LLC, who is credited with an impressive portfolio of notable projects across Cyprus.

The scope of Blackbook’s support on this project extends well beyond conventional marketing and PR. In fact, the agency’s specialist services encompass a holistic marketing strategy, employing a multifaceted approach to develop a compelling brand identity for Neocleous Tower. Standing as a testament to the expertise that fuels the partnership, these solutions showcase Blackbook’s real estate expertise in action across its various areas of specialisation, including strategic PR initiatives and curated content. 

Moreover, the agency also created stunning Computer-Generated Imagery (CGIs) for the iconic tower, bringing the architectural concept to life and captivating audiences through intricate digital renderings. Each CGI displays incredible attention to detail, masterfully capturing the interplay of light and shadow, the textures of materials, and the detailed nuances intrinsic to the tower's design. Indeed, this proficiency in the meticulous crafting of immersive and hyper-realistic CGIs far surpasses traditional forms of design representation, offering a glimpse into the future of real estate marketing.


blackbook neocleous tower


Tapping into the team’s in-depth understanding of design aesthetics, these virtual representations play an integral role in building an unwavering brand consistency with a strong visual presence. But CGIs are only one part of a multifaceted approach. And despite the strategy including multiple diverse parts working in unison, the agency has seamlessly aligned every visual and textual element to perfectly reflect the unique architectural vision and communicate the tower's essence, ethos and values.  

This holistic approach is poised to redefine how real estate developments are perceived and communicated. By combining their CGI prowess with strategic branding, impactful PR campaigns, and immersive content creation, the agency ensures that the Neocleous Tower story is not just told but also experienced by a global audience.

And this experiential narrative complements Neocleous Tower status as a symbol of innovation, aspiration, and progress, all brought to life through the synergy of creative vision and strategic communication.


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blackbook neocleous tower