Strategic Thinking: The Compass to Success

Our industry undoubtedly needs dynamic and self-confident women as leaders. Women who serve as role models for a well-balanced professional and personal life.

What challenges do you face at the top of the leadership pyramid of a company, especially in your field?

From my experience leading a marketing company, I find that the challenges vary widely. I would categorise them into long-term and short-term challenges, which is not to underestimate the normal challenges that arise on a day-to-day basis. Some of the challenges I deal with include the weekly internal team management programme, daily client care, and strategic thinking regarding next steps. What ensures the success of the final result is the application of strategic methodology. By staying true to this strategic methodology, strengthening our team twofold in the last year, and investing in technology and continuous education, we manage to stand out.

But we also always keep an eye on opportunities, growth, and potential risks. In fact, the constantly changing competitive landscape and market trends make both personal business introspection, as well as outward industry observation important for maintaining a leading position. I take the time to keep track of this, while also continuously studying and pursuing innovation. I always stay active to be able to recognise the needs, values, and preferences of our customers, maintaining very close personal relationships with them all.

One of the biggest challenges is the education and development of a specialised workforce of employees who embrace the company's philosophy and culture. With shared values such as constructive communication, collaboration, creativity, and initiative, the goal is for the whole team to be inspired and empowered, thus strengthening the company. Blackbook has now solidified its position in the field and is the first choice as a strategic marketing partner for high-end projects. The companies that trust us come from all industries, but real estate stands out due to my personal specialization and long-term experience.

The broader concept of "empowering women" is something I deeply support, and I strive to inspire and empower young women every day to pursue their dreams and ambitions!

What are your ambitions in the demanding field of marketing in Cyprus?

The truth is, I continue to have the same goal as when I started the company: I want to create the best strategic marketing agency in Cyprus! And this project continues every day, with great effort from me and my entire team, as we work to constantly enrich our services. In the next two years, I want us to have reached an even higher level, to have helped as many companies as possible to adapt to the new market environment, and to have even more highly satisfied Blackbook customers.

Being a strategic company by nature, Blackbook has redefined how businesses approach their marketing efforts. With a core methodology deeply rooted in strategic thinking, we empower businesses, startups, and development projects with comprehensive marketing strategy studies, competitive analysis, SWOT assessments, and action plans, that lead them to success. Our commitment remains to provide high-quality marketing services and continue strengthening the team, particularly in the digital department. Which we have been doing by consistently introducing and implementing new technologies and services into our portfolio, which in turn attracts talented new specialists.

As for targeting new clients and developing brand specialisations in the market, Cyprus and real estate remain our priorities. However, Blackbook is also placing emphasis on Greece as a corresponding market. And with a dedicated team in Athens, we are looking to continue expanding our  existing client base in the country. Additionally, we are giving special attention to startups, as they face a multitude of challenges that we deliver bespoke solutions for, from limited resources to intense competition. By combining market experience and creative thinking, Blackbook helps businesses to overcome obstacles and seize growth opportunities. We guide them at every step, defining an exciting brand story, creating a strong online presence, and shaping customer-centric marketing campaigns.

In what ways does Blackbook support women and their professional development?

Our space is already comprised largely of dynamic women, and I'm proud to have interacted and collaborated with many of them. These are self-confident women who serve as role models, inspiring those around them to reach their potential and grow their pool of abilities and talents. Currently some 70% of our team consists of women under the age of 35, all of whom hold crucial positions that significantly contribute to our success. They are given the opportunity to participate in individual or group programmes for personal and professional development, provided by specialised consultants. Our goal is to maintain the balance between personal life and work, enhance their knowledge and skills, and, of course, preserving their mental health and wellness.

As a woman in a demanding professional position who is also a wife and a mother, I fully understand the challenges that every woman faces both at work and on a personal level. Beyond that, we are all human and must take care of and respect ourselves. I deeply support the broader concept of ’women's empowerment’ and strive daily to inspire and empower young women to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

What are the goals you have set for your company's development, and what sets you apart from others in the industry?

In today's highly competitive business landscape, having a well-defined marketing strategy is vital for any company. And with the fast pace of digital development, consumers are more inundated with choice than ever before. Which makes thinking strategically key to standing out from the crowd and achieving sustainable growth.

And this unwavering commitment to strategic thinking is at the heart of Blackbook’s unique methodology. Unlike conventional marketing companies that focus solely on specific tactics or services, we adopt a holistic approach, emphasising the importance of understanding a business's individual identity, goals, and target audiences. Through in-depth market research, industry trend analysis, and competitive behaviour analysis, Blackbook lays the cornerstone for shaping successful strategies.

At Blackbook, a multi-talented team of trusted industry professionals coordinate across our creative, digital, public relations, image and content production departments, to go above and beyond traditional marketing consultancy services. Rather, we also offer comprehensive future development plans, which are then meticulously implemented and executed through a holistic range of specialised services, from full corporate branding and communications, to specialised multi-channel digital intelligence or expert CGIs (computer-generated images).

How important is it for a business to maintain a flexible strategic plan to stay in line with new technological trends and their rapid development?

We believe that strategic thinking is the compass guiding businesses to success in an ever-changing and competitive world. At Blackbook, our unique strategic methodology goes beyond conventional marketing tools. We delve deep into understanding our clients' core values, ambitions, and challenges, enabling us to create innovative marketing approaches. I am grateful for both the team that has made up the company over the years, and the clientele that trusts us, ranging from startups to international giants.

Regarding alignment with technology, it is an ongoing process for us. We are not just required to stay informed, but systematically and purposefully include the continuous enhancement of our services in our own strategic planning. Remaining flexible is vital for our company, as well as for the organisations for which we oversee the marketing and communications.


Blackbook is a marketing company specialised in strategic planning, branding, public relations, communication, and digital marketing, with direct access to an international network. As a reliable partner for large-scale clients in Cyprus and Greece, Blackbook's specialised team of professionals designs and executes marketing and communication strategies aimed at achieving short-term and long-term goals.