Marigeorgia Voskaridou


Human Resources

Meet Marigeorgia, the HR everyone loves in the Blackbook family. With her positive energy and unwavering kindness, Marigeorgia is the go-to problem solver and always finds innovative solutions to tough challenges. Her focus on career and personal development has made her a valuable resource for her colleagues and a source of inspiration for the Blackbook team. Despite her serious demeanor, Marigeorgia is a party animal at heart and always up for a good time. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge is matched only by her love for travel, making her the perfect companion for a night out or even for a trip around the world. But don't expect her to whip up a gourmet meal; Marigeorgia leaves the cooking to the professionals and focuses on being always a helping hand. 

Blackbook Superpower: problem solver, diligent, excellent communicator, strong leadership skills, conflict resolution skills and has high cultural awareness.